Heatset Web Printing

Relyus' capacity yields flexibility and faster turnarounds.

With an enormous capacity of web offset presses, we stand ready to deliver consistent, high-quality printing on products ranging in size from digest to tabloid and on runs from short to long. Of course, capacity yields flexibility and faster throughput, which is why our offset pressrooms are also able to provide quick turnaround on products of a time-sensitive and regional nature.

For heat offset printing, we offer:

  • 8, 16 and 32-page presses
  • Long and short-cutoff and custom sizes
  • Automated controls for color management, and web and register guidance
  • Multiple options for folds and gates
  • Inline trimming and finishing capabilities
  • Custom Scratch off Application

Why Relyus?

We are known for consistently providing our customers with High Quality direct mail services.